Pollution treatment on the shore of the Syrian Oil Transport Company resulting from the leakage of fuel from the tank of Banias power plant

The teams and cadres of the Syrian Oil Transport Company are combating the marine pollution leaking from the tank of  Banias power plant  to the Scot's work area, which extends from the Banias refinery chalets to the Arab al-Malik area. The company used the following equipment:

-The Scot's marine pollution control boat.

-Marine pollution control equipment.

-Organic petroleum dispersants.

-Absorbent barriers for oil spills (offshore – onshore)

-Specialized mechanical treatment.

-Barriers blocking the spilled oil.

The environmental technical staff (engineers and technicians) in the company began to deal with the leaking quantities from the Banias power plant, which reached the company's work sector  from the moment the signs of leakage appeared and discovered, then moved to treat and combat them, and disposed of the consequences of the leak from an environmental point of view and control.

The pollution cleaning operations will continue for a long time due to the renewed arrival of oil pollution rashes and spots from outside the company’s work sector in batches, and we will update you on the developments of the cleaning operations successively on a daily basis.

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Shore before cleaning

vlcsnap error690

Spraying organic oil dispersants from pollution control boat

vlcsnap error218

The process of spreading the absorbent barriers for the oil leaking from the Banias  power plant (surrounded by red)2

The absorbent barriers collect the oil and prevent it from reaching the shore


The absorbent barriers around the oil terminal

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Extending  absorbent barriers on the shore to trap pollution

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vlcsnap error781

The shore after cleaning